'Mother's Day' too offensive?

Campus administrator says newsletter reference must be ‘Parent’s Day’
by Ron Strom, WorldNetDaily.com

A pre-school in Maryland has lost at least one customer after a student’s father working on the school’s newsletter was told he must change a “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting in the publication to “Happy Parent’s Day.”
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Why AFA-Michigan fights ..and who we're fighting for

Please read this letter to the editor from a teenage girl at Howell High School, where school officials are allowing the so-called “Diversity Club” to fly the officially-recognized “gay pride” rainbow flag in the main school stairwell to protest Michigan voters’ approval last year of the Marriage Protection Amendment.

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Howell students defend gay rights

“A few months ago, when the (Howell) high school Diversity Club flew a rainbow-colored flag in the central stairwell, protests flowed in, including 500 cards from the American Family Association of Michigan. Breiner said the cards accused educators of ‘actually teaching students to be involved in a gay and lesbian lifestyle.’ The board backed the students. The flag remained.”

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