LANSING STATE JOURNAL: Lansing Residents Voice Opinions on "Gay Rights" Ordinance

Lansing, Michigan – November 21, 2006

Rights proposal draws a crowd
Passions intense as council hears from both sides
By Tom Lambert

Nearly 200 people packed Lansing’s City Council chambers Monday night to voice their opinions about the city’s controversial human rights proposal. People on both sides of the issue spoke passionately about the ramifications of the ordinance. The eight-member council is expected to pass it unanimously Dec. 11. The measure would, among other things, prohibit harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and student and marital status. Robert Riley, 73, said he stood against the proposal because homosexuals were “sick people” who didn’t deserve “special treatment.”

“What they need is help from a psychiatrist,” said Riley of Lansing. “If this passes, I might have to move.”

Maggie Lowden, a junior at Holt High School, said she was for the ordinance as she pointed out the words of the Pledge of Allegiance. “It says ‘liberty and justice for all,’ ” she said. “If we want to change it, we should add the footnote ‘as long as we declare them acceptable.'” Some of the characteristics included in the proposal are protected under state and/or federal law; others are not.

Most in favor
The measure is similar to one passed by the City Council in 1996 that later was voted down by residents. On Monday, though, most residents spoke in favor of the ordinance. If the proposal passes this time around, people would report violations to the city’s Department of Human Relations and Community Services. The department then would try to mediate the situation if discrimination was found to have occurred.

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ACTION ALERT FOLLOW UP: Lansing Council "Inundated" by Opposition to "Gay" Ordinance

Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

You’re already making a difference regarding Lansing’s proposed “gay rights” and cross-dressing ordinance, and now homosexual activists are responding in kind.

Please read the e-mail alert below from a homosexual activist group based in Lansing, whose new executive director is the former political director of the Oakland County Republican Party under former county party chair L. Brooks Patterson.

Then, if you haven’t done so already, please join the reported 300 or more other AFA-Michigan supporters who’ve e-mailed or called the Lansing City Council to urge them to defeat this radical proposal.

Cut and paste these e-mail addresses for all city council members:;;;;;;;;;;

Lansing City Council phone number: 517-483-4177

Thanks again for your support!
Gary Signature
Gary Glenn, President
American Family Association of Michigan


Associated Press:

Dear AFA-Michigan supporter,

President John Quincy Adams said: “Duty is ours. Results are God’s.”

Please read the Associated Press below, and you’ll see President Adams’ observation has never been more true than it is right now.

Over the next two years, AFA-Michigan pledges to continue to do our duty and our part to stop liberal politicians from ramming their homosexual and pro-abortion agenda through Congress, the Legislature, or our local governments (see the news story below).

Please continue to stand with us to meet the challenges ahead, and we’ll trust God together for the results.

Gary Signature
Gary Glenn, President
American Family Association of Michigan

New York, New York – November 17, 2006

Liberals aim to ram measures past Congress: Hate-crime legislation, reproductive and gay rights top wish list
Reproductive rights are high on the liberals’ wish list now that Democrats control both houses of Congress.

by Nati Harnik

NEW YORK – After years of playing defense, liberal advocacy groups see the Democrats’ takeover of Congress as a long-awaited chance to convert some of their goals into law. Their wish lists include workplace protections for gays, a broader hate-crimes law, and a multi-pronged push to reduce unplanned pregnancies.

A Republican president remains in the White House, armed with veto power, and Democratic control of the Senate is as slim as could be. Yet gay-rights, feminist and abortion-rights groups are nonetheless pleased by their brightest prospects for legislative victories since 1994.

“It’s exciting to get off the defensive,” said Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She hopes the new Congress will stay away from debate on abortion restrictions and instead work on a bipartisan basis to curtail unintended pregnancies.

“Common sense” initiatives
Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said “common sense” initiatives might include requiring health insurance companies to cover birth control, requiring that emergency contraception be available at hospitals for rape victims, and ensuring that sex education for young people includes accurate information about contraceptives.
The president of the largest national gay-rights group, Joe Solmonese of the Human Rights Campaign, said he has high hopes for two long-pending proposals that failed to get through the GOP-controlled Congress. One would outlaw employment discrimination against gays, lesbians and transgender people; another would include them among the groups protected in federal hate-crimes legislation.

Gay activists also would like to see Congress repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that prohibits gay members of the military from being open about their sexual orientation – but a push for this may come somewhere down the road. “Everyone remembers the fight President Clinton had when he made this his first major political issue in 1993,” said Aaron Belkin, director of a University of California, Santa Barbara think tank that studies gays and the military. “While opinion on letting gays serve has moved leaps and bounds since then, the new Democratic Congress is not likely to come out strongly on this one from the get-go,” Belkin said.

Solmonese indicated that leading gay-rights groups will be patient with the new Democratic leadership, not pushing to have their issues be at the very top of the 2007 agenda. “What we’ve got is a new and respectful Congress that’s open to our community, to learning the specifics of our issues,” he said. “To stress right now – ‘This is what we want and this is when we want it’ – would be premature.”

Women’s rights
Feminist groups such as the National Organization for Women were generally at odds with the GOP leadership in Congress and have welcomed the power switch, which will include Rep. Nancy Pelosi serving as the first female speaker of the House.
NOW President Kim Gandy said her organization’s legislative wish list includes adding gender to the existing federal hate-crimes law, tightening controls over silicone breast implants, and improving options for working mothers through enhanced family leave policies and child care options.

Some conservatives have expressed hope that – on abortion issues, at least – Democratic stances in Congress might be moderated by the election of several anti-abortion candidates. But other leaders on the right, such as Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, doubt these Democratic newcomers will sway policy.

“Instead, anticipate the fiercest assault of our time against abstinence, marriage, life, good judges, and religious freedom,” Perkins wrote this week in the National Review. “Pro-life Democrats are likely to be marginalized in positions where they have little influence.” Another conservative leader, the Rev. Louis Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition, asserted that the gay-rights bills likely to advance next year will infringe on the rights of those who condemn homosexuality.

“All Americans must be prepared to endure serious threats to their freedom of speech, their right to make employment decisions as business owners, and their religious freedom in the business world,” Sheldon said.


Liberal’s Wish List

Some measures that liberal advocacy groups would like to see passed by the new, Democratic-controlled Congress.
Gay Rights

  • Prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. According to gay-rights groups, it is now legal in 34 states to fire someone based on their sexual orientation.
  • Add sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of categories covered by the federal hate-crimes law, which now covers crimes based on race, religion and national origin. About 14 percent of the 7,163 hate crimes reported nationwide in 2005 involved sexual orientation, according to the FBI.
  • Replace “don’t ask, don’t tell” – the military’s policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving – with a policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

DAILY MAIL — How Britain is turning Christianity into a crime

London, England
September 7, 2006

How Britain is turning Christianity into a crime
by Melanie Phillips

How long will it be before Christianity becomes illegal in Britain? This is no longer the utterly absurd and offensive question that on first blush it would appear to be.

An evangelical Christian campaigner, Stephen Green was arrested and charged last weekend with using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

So what was this behaviour? Merely trying peacefully to hand out leaflets at a gay rally in Cardiff.

So what was printed on those leaflets that was so threatening, abusive or insulting that it attracted the full force of the law?

Why, none other than the majestic words of the 1611 King James Bible.

The problem was that they were those bits of the Bible which forbid homosexuality. The leaflets also urged homosexuals to “turn from your sins and you will be saved”.

But to the secular priests of the human rights culture, the only sin is to say that homosexuality is a sin.

Admittedly, Mr Green is not everyone’s cup of tea; other Christians regard him as extreme. But our society is now so upside-down that, by doing nothing more than upholding a fundamental tenet of Christianity, he was treated like a criminal.

And yet at the same time, the police are still studiously refusing to act against Islamic zealots abusing British freedom to preach hatred and incitement against the West.


The Bible is the moral code that underpins our civilisation. Yet the logic of the police action against Mr Green surely leads ultimately to the inescapable conclusion that the Bible itself is “hate speech” and must be banned.

This bizarre state of affairs has arisen thanks to our human rights culture which automatically champions minorities against the majority.

As a result, no one can say anything disobliging about a minority without being accused of prejudice or discrimination.

The problem for Christianity is that it holds that homosexuality is wrong. This, however, it is no longer allowed to say because it treats a minority practice as sinful.

So it can no longer uphold a central tenet of its own faith without being accused of prejudice.

This dilemma is currently tearing apart the Church of England itself. But it is also turning our whole notion of justice on its head.

Author Lynette Burrows received a warning from the Metropolitan Police merely for suggesting that gay people did not make ideal adoptive parents.

The former leader of the Muslim Council of Britain, Sir Iqbal Sacranie, also had his collar felt by police after he said that homosexuality was harmful.

Notably, in his case the matter was swiftly dropped. If there’s one thing that terrifies our PC police even more than being called homophobic, it’s being called Islamophobic — even though Islamic fundamentalism poses a real threat to the human rights of gay people.

If this wasn’t all so frightening, it would be hilarious. Christians, by contrast, get very different treatment.

An elderly evangelical preacher, Harry Hammond, was convicted of a public order offence after he held up a poster calling for an end to homosexuality, lesbianism and immorality.

Although he had been the victim of a physical attack when a crowd poured soil and water over him, he alone was prosecuted.

And Lancashire pensioners Joe and Helen Roberts were interrogated by police for 80 minutes about their ‘homophobic’ views after they had merely asked their local council to display Christian literature alongside gay rights leaflets in civic buildings.

Bullying Christianity is fast becoming the creed that dare not speak its name. It is being written out of the national script by ideologues seeking to hasten its disappearance.

Yesterday, the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said in a radio interview that Britain was “no longer a Christian country” because people no longer went to church.

Local authorities and government bodies are systematically bullying Christianity out of existence by refusing to fund Christian voluntary groups on the grounds that to be Christian means that they are not committed to ‘diversity’.

Thus local and central government refused to replicate the vocational training provided by the Highfields Happy Hens Centre in Derbyshire for young offenders and pupils excluded from school despite its impressive record of success, simply because it was run with a clear Christian ethos.

Norfolk council objected to the inclusion of the word ‘Christian’ in the constitution of Barnabas House in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, which houses homeless young men.

And the Housing Corporation, the major funder of Romford YMCA in Essex which looks after hundreds of needy young people, objected to the fact that only Christians were board members — which meant, it said, that the YMCA was not capable of ‘diversity’, even though it was open to all faiths and none.

The ‘diversity’ agenda, in other words, is a fig-leaf for an attack on Christianity.

And to cap it all, we can no longer rely on our future monarch to hold the line, since Prince Charles has said that when he becomes King he will no longer be Defender of the Faith but “defender of faith”.

But Christianity is still the official religion of this country. All its institutions, its history and its culture are suffused with it; Britain would lose its identity, its values and its cohesion without it.

But minority rights are now being wielded against it like a wrecking ball.

What started as a commendable desire to ban hatred of the gay minority has morphed into a hatred of the Christian majority.

Behaviour which was previously considered to transgress the moral norms of the Bible has now instead become the norm — and it is biblical values that are treated as beyond the pale of acceptable behaviour. This is no accident.

The sacred doctrine of human rights — which explicitly sets itself up as the religion for a godless age — is the means by which secularism is steadily attacking the Christian roots of our civilisation, on the basis that religion is inherently unenlightened, prejudiced and divisive.

Christianity has been dethroned as this country’s governing creed on the basis that equality demands equal status for minority faiths and secularism. As a result, it is being marginalised as no more than a quaint cultural curiosity.


It is a process before which the Church of England has long been on its knees, going with the flow of moral and cultural collapse in accordance with the doctrine of multiculturalism — and then wondering why its churches are so empty, while those of uncompromising evangelicals such as Stephen Green are packed to the rafters.

As a result, Christianity is being steadily removed from the public sphere.

Various councils have banned Christmas on the grounds that it is “too Christian” and therefore “offensive” to people of other faiths, and are replacing it with meaningless “winter festivals”.

This attack on Christianity is not merely something that seems straight out of Alice In Wonderland.

It is not merely a threat to freedom of speech and religious expression. It is a fundamental onslaught on the national identity and bedrock values of this country — and as such will destroy those freedoms which Christianity itself first created.

Parents' persistent protest pays off; clubs' flags removed

Tupelo, Mississippi
June 26, 2006

Parents’ persistent protest pays off; clubs’ flags removed
by Jim Brown

A pro-family group is hailing the removal of a “homosexual pride” flag from the wall of a Michigan high school.

For almost two years, conservatives have been protesting the presence of a rainbow flag displayed by the Diversity Club at Howell High School. Students even formed a Traditional Values Club in response to the school’s allowance of homosexual activism on campus. Last Thursday (June 22) officials at the school took down the rainbow flag, the Christian flag displayed by the Traditional Values Club, and those of all other campus clubs.

Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, says public outcry forced school officials to reverse what he describes as “one of the most outrageous examples of political correctness ever seen in Michigan.”
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DAILY PRESS & ARGUS — Taking flags down was the right move

“Doug Norton, the Howell teacher who donated the (‘gay pride’) rainbow flag to the Diversity Club…said it is ‘sad when an outside group’ uses student activities ‘to pursue their own social or political agenda.’ But that ignores the fact that not all within the Howell school community seemed open to divergent views. The Traditional Values Club did not get the same positive reception as did the Diversity Club. A teacher placed a ‘hate’ bumper sticker below the Traditional Values Club’s flag. That seemed to support the LOVE group’s feeling that the ideal of tolerance for diverse ideas was limited to the ‘right’ groups.”

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DETROIT NEWS — Conservative flag will hang in Howell High School

“The recently recognized Traditional Values Club has won the right to hang its organization’s flag in the stairwell of Howell High School next to the Diversity Club’s rainbow-colored flag, which some say represents gay pride. The Traditional Values Club flag is red, white and blue, symbolizing patriotism, and it features a red ‘t’ which stands for traditional values. The lowercase ‘t’ also resembles a cross, representative of the Christian faith. …’It’s a Christian flag obviously, and I’m thrilled the club decided on having a Christian emblem to represent them,’ (Livingston Organization for Values in Education spokesperson Vicki) Fyke said.”

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MIDLAND DAILY NEWS — Intelligent design a hot issue

“Gary Glenn, president of the Midland-based American Family Association of Michigan, would like to see intelligent design taught as a theory alongside others, including evolution. ‘Intelligent design teaches the universe and its makeup is so complex that the odds are overwhelming that the universe was designed by an intelligent being,’ Glenn said. ‘Those of us who are people of faith believe … that was God.’  He said teaching intelligent design and evolution provides equal access and academic freedom. …’How do you justify censoring a particular theory?’ Glenn asked.”

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Pro-Family Leader Applauds Court's Sanity

Pro-family leader applauds court’s sanity
in Kentucky Ten Commandments ruling
by Allie Martin
MIDLAND, Mich. — The director of the American Family Association of Michigan is questioning why the national media has largely ignored a recent, groundbreaking ruling on a constitutional controversy with a long history of hotly debated precedents.

AFA-Michigan files amicus brief with Appeals Court

Amendment co-author files amicus brief Wednesday

Marriage amendment bans recognition of homosexual relationships “for any purpose,”
including benefits, group tells appeals court

Benefit plans offered broadly to all employees still allowed

+ PDF file of full amicus brief is downloadable here +

Gary GlennLANSING — A Marriage Protection Amendment approved by nearly 60 percent of Michigan voters in 2004 prohibits government from recognizing homosexual relationships as equal or similar to marriage for any purpose, including as a basis for providing taxpayer-financed benefits to government employees, the family values group that first proposed and co-authored the amendment told a state Court of Appeals Wednesday.

The American Family Association of Michigan, in an “amicus” brief filed with the court, joined Attorney General Mike Cox in asking the Court of Appeals to overturn a decision by Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk, who ruled in 2005 that the amendment does not affect “domestic partner” benefit plans based on government recognition of homosexual relationships. Draganchuk’s ruling was expected following endorsement of her 2004 election campaign by two homosexual activist political action committees.
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