From a parent to a school administrator









Dr./Mr./Mrs. Principal

5678 Education Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45200


Dear Dr./Mr./Mrs. Principal:


Our child, [Name], is enrolled at [school name] for this academic year.  We deeply appreciate [school name] and the important work that you and your faculty do.  We are looking forward to a positive experience for [child’s name] this year.


As parents, we have become increasingly concerned over what is being taught in many schools today about homosexuality and other “alternatives” to monogamous heterosexual marriage.  We therefore feel that it is necessary to invoke our legal right to direct the education of [child’s name] with respect to sexuality and are doing so by means of the “STUDENT OPT-OUT NOTICE” attached to this letter.


For the record, we would prefer that the sensitive issue of homosexuality not be taught at all at [school name].  Our teachers should be allowed to focus on helping our children achieve academic excellence; sensitive moral issues should be left to parents.


Please read the attached NOTICE and notify us immediately if you have any questions.  Please place this letter and the attached notice in [child’s name] file, and see that copies of both go to each of his/her teachers.  Copies of both have been sent to the Superintendent’s office as well.






Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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