To the _______________________________________School District.



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Dear Sir or Madam,


1. Upon your receipt of this document, you are placed on legal notice that I, the undersigned parent(s), have elected to invoke my parental rights under Federal and State Statutes and Case Law regarding the instruction of sexuality to my child(ren).


2. You are not to instruct my child about human sexuality without first providing me, on an incident-by-incident basis, at least 15 days prior notice, and obtaining my written permission after allowing me the opportunity to review your materials/lesson plan.


3. You are specifically forbidden from addressing issues of homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, transsexuality, sado-masochism, pedophilia, beastiality or other alternatives to monogamous heterosexual marriage to my child in any manner or form that would convey the message to my child that such orientations/behaviors are immutable, unchangeable or harmless.


4. This prohibition extends to any legitimization or normalization of these sexual orientations/behaviors no matter how your program or approach is defined or packaged, including but not limited to any instruction, materials or conversation related to “diversity,” “tolerance,” “multi-culturalism,” “gender studies,” “family life,” “safe schools,” “hate crimes,” “AIDS education,” or the like.


5. This prohibition extends to all school system employees and agents, including guest speakers, in any setting, both on or off campus, in which my child(ren) is/are in the care of the school.


6. I am aware that politically active “gay and lesbian” teachers and other school system employees across America have organized for the purpose of legitimizing homosexuality and related sexual orientations to schoolchildren, using various pretexts such as the theme of “school safety.” I consider it the duty of the school to protect my child(ren) from any such activities.


7. This document shall supersede any previously signed permission forms you may have on file.


The child(ren) to which this opt-out notice applies is/are


________________________________                ________________________________


________________________________                ________________________________





_____________________________ ______          _____________________________ ______

Parent or Legal Guardian                Date             Parent or Legal Guardian                Date





Parents: For maximum legal protection, send this notice by certified mail. Keep a signed, dated copy for your records and give a copy to your attorney. After submitting this notice, do not sign any blanket permission slip offered by the school. All important communication with the schools should be in writing.


This form is copyrighted by The Pro-Family Law Center, 6060 Sunrise Vista Drive, Suite 3050, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 (916) 676-1057. You have permission to copy and distribute this notice to others if your purpose is to protect children from homosexual activism in the schools. Copies of this form and other resources for parents, including information on how to form a local parent’s rights group, are available without charge at


Valid in all 50 states. Consult with your attorney about specific parental rights laws in your state.