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AFA-Michigan News Minute

The attached “AFA-Michigan News Minute” will run Wednesday on Christian radio stations in Michigan. Remarkably, there is serious consideration of Right to Work legislation to prohibit compulsory union membership or financial support in the historically Big Labor stronghold of Michigan.


OFF THE RECORD — AFA-Michigan’s Gary Glenn on Gov. Snyder and the conservative agenda

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn is the guest this weekend on “Off the Record,” the weekly public affairs television show featuring a roundtable discussion with political reporters from the state Capitol in Lansing.

The topics discussed:

* Right to Work legislation, which would prohibit compulsory union membership or financial support as a condition of employment. Gary cited polls which in 2004 showed that two-thirds of union members in Michigan supported our state’s Marriage Protection Amendment, which he co-authored, when it appeared on the ballot. But those same union members, Christians and others, were forced under threat of being fired to financially support the state AFL-CIO and Michigan Education Association, which campaigned against the marriage amendment. Gary led the successful effort to make Idaho a Right to Work state a quarter-century ago.

* Posting our national motto “In God We Trust” in public school classrooms, such as reported here:

* Anti-bullying legislation, such as reported here:

* Preventing the use of public school classrooms to promote homosexual behavior and gender confusion. Gary specifically cited this Fox News report:

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CATHOLIC RADIO — Al Kresta interviews AFA-Michigan’s Gary Glenn on “hate crime” legislation

WDEO Radio
Ann Arbor, Michigan
May 13, 2009

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CNN’s Paula Zahn Show: AFA-Michigan’s Gary Glenn debates Marriage Protection AmendmentPaulaZahnCNN_Website



WJR RADIO — AFA-Michigan’s Gary Glenn interviewed on Frank Beckman ShowFrankBeckmannShow_Website

AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn was interviewed May 13, 2009, on WJR’s Frank Beckman Show regarding so-called “hate crime” legislation now before the Michigan state Senate:

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